Our Uniform

Uniform Dress Code


Polo Shirts
Short or long sleeves. Families will need to purchase a plain polo shirt with no logo and can be any shade of colors: Blue, Green, and White.

Embroidered Odyssey polo shirts are for sale for $8 during Orientation and conferences.

Pants and skirts

Dress pants and slacks
Khaki colored pants only. No navy blue  or black colored bottoms. No jeans, sweatpants, or leggings are allowed.

Dress shorts
Khaki colored only, must be at or below fingertip length. 

Skirts and jumpers
Khaki in color (navy still acceptable), at knee level, worn with or over uniform polo.


Athletic shoes
Students must have a pair of athletic/gym shoes to be worn during gym class.

Shoes and sandals
Shoes must be closed toe, and no flip-flops will be allowed.

Cold weather

Cardigan-style sweater Plain with no logo in either blue, green, or white.

Sweatshirts Buttoned, zippered, and pullover sweatshirts WITHOUT HOODS are allowed. Sweatshirts must be plain with no logos, and blue, green, or white in color. Sweatshirts may be worn over uniform polo shirts.

Uniform Policy

'from the Family Handbook'

Violations of Odyssey’s dress code will be reported to the Dean of Students. Minor conduct violations will be issued and parents will be notified when repeated violations occur.

All students must wear the uniform according to the following guidelines:
  • For warmth, students may only wear a uniform sweater or uniform sweatshirt with no hood.
  • Hats, scarves and other head coverings are not permitted during the school day unless worn for religious reasons.
  • Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn appropriately, and fit neatly at the waist. Jeggings (jean-material leggings) are not allowed. Leggings or nylons may be worn under a skirt, but must be navy, khaki, or sheer.
  • Pant legs may not be slit in any way or contain any designs or adornments.
  • Uniform sweaters and sweatshirts must be worn or carried. They may not be wrapped around the waist, head, or shoulders.
  • Coats and jackets, gloves, scarves, and any other outdoor attire is not permitted during the school day.
  • Additional items must be kept in the student’s locker.

Please call the main office with any questions!