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Our philosophies and practices

Odyssey Academy strives to provide continuous learning tailored to the student's interests and abilities that is organized around authentic human activities and sensitive to the development of the whole child. Educators will strive to accomplish the continuity of learning through:
  • Continuous progress and learning, allowing each child to move through content at their own pace
  • Establishment of teacher-student relationships for periods of two or more years in multi-age classes
  • Expected involvement and participation of parents in the classroom, as well as in individual program conferencing, planning, and collaboration
  • Development of Personalized Learning Plans for each student, involving the parents, students, and teachers
  • Partnerships with community organizations through service-learning opportunities
Odyssey Academy staff is expected to provide, in their daily work, an integration of real-life experiences, world themes, and academics. Through this integrated framework, all students are assured of:
  • Learning in an environment that is safe and accepting of their individuality
  • Learning in a setting reflective of family and community values
  • Learning in collaborative or shared learning experiences
  • Applying what is learned in basic subjects to community activities, projects, and real-world situations
  • Becoming involved citizens and contributors to the community

What is a charter school?

In Minnesota, charter schools are tuition free independent public schools that are open to and welcome all students, no matter ability or need, and are governed and operated jointly by licensed teachers, parents and community members. The MN Association of Charter Schools has much more information on this topic in their document "A Primer on Minnesota Charter Schools.

Our demographics

Please visit the MN Department of Education - their website will allow you to compare all kinds of data from Odyssey Academy to the rest of the state, or one school or district in particular.

Quick facts

  • We opened in Fall 1997.

  • Each classroom is staffed by one licensed teacher.  Some classrooms are staffed with a licensed paraprofessional as well.

  • Our breakfast and lunch program is provided by Done Right Food, and is in accordance with the Federal School Food Program guidelines. We offer a hot lunch option and a vegetarian option every day.

  • Most discipline is handled in the classroom, in accordance with the principles of Responsive Classroom.
    If further discipline intervention is needed, a student may be referred to our Dean of Students.

     Odyssey employs a counselor, to work one on one with students and with small group conflict resolution.

  • Students in grades 3-8 take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) each year. The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments are State required tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota's academic standards and meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Students are tested in the areas of math, reading and writing. Student in grades 5 and 8 are also tested in science.

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