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Grievances & Complaints

Odyssey’s goal is to provide an environment that permits all members of the Odyssey community (employees, parents/guardians and students) to engage in open, two-way and constructive communication. In most cases, this communication and problem resolution will take place directly between the involved individuals. Appropriate effort and cooperation is encouraged to resolve issues to both parties’ satisfaction. It is important to remain open-minded about the issue. Often issues are a matter of miscommunication or are a misunderstanding of meaning or intent. 

Please keep the following order in mind when it comes to resolving any grievances or complaints you may have regarding Odyssey Academy. This will help us respond and resolve all issues in the most efficient and effective manner. 

  1. Direct communication between the people who are directly involved.
  2. Homeroom teacher
  3. Dean of Students
  4. Executive Director
  5. Board of Directors